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Introducing the 2015 Canon Eyecon winners

Check out the gallery of the winners of the 2015 Canon Eyecon Awards

17 January 2016

In the latest issue of D-Photo magazine, which is available in store from January 8, we showcased the winners of the photography categories of the 2016 Canon Eyecon competition and told you  all about what the judges had to say about them. Since it is unfortunately not yet possible to publish videos in our print magazine (although we really wish we could), we couldn’t show you the winner of the Film — Tertiary category.

Luke Earl won this category with his short film WAKE. The judge’s decribed this piece as featuring “very clever storytelling”, and went on to say that, “the story hasn’t been overwritten, leaving the viewer to fill in the blanks. Great subject matter, playing into the greatest fear of most people. The acting is top notch, once again not overdone, which would have been very easy [to do]”. They also said that the audio was amazing with a great choice of song being selected. 

Spare two minutes, take a seat, and enjoy Earl’s short film WAKE below: 

WAKE | Short Film from Luke Earl on Vimeo.

Also, check out the winning images of the photography categories:

First: Photography — Tertiary winner, Paris Curno

Runner-up: Photography — Tertiary, James Russell

First: Photography — High School winner, Bridget Tangaere