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D-Photo 104 Out Now

How best to photograph winter sports, snowy landscapes, wildlife, and beyond! Two of New Zealand’s leading sports photographers give us

D-Photo 103 Out Now

Turn your food photography into a work of art with tips from an award-winning photographer in this issue of D-Photo!

Insta fame

Instagram presents photographers with a hugely powerful platform to promote work, but it can also be an overwhelming environment —

D-Photo 102 Out Now

Bring our cover to life   It is fascinating to watch the incredible ways photography is evolving in the modern

Question the light

The photographic underpinnings of Bill Culbert, one of the country’s most celebrated conceptual artists, are explored in an exciting new

Going with the flow

Leon Rose puts away his shoulder rig and tries out some pieces of kit that are becoming ubiquitous in video

All the small things

They make up the majority of life on earth but mostly go unnoticed by us lumbering humans — macro master

Budget-friendly creativity

Esther Bunning, one of the country’s top creative photographers, shares her tips for experimental photography techniques that won’t break the

The heart of the matter

Landscape photographer Chris Morton shares the decade-long process of discovering and refining a photographic concept for his latest publication, Aotea,

The future is female

Some of South Auckland’s most promising female photography students get the chance to shine in a unique photographic project launched

Beside the seaside

Our seashores are teeming with fascinating instances of life, but this aquatic world is one that most of us overlook.

These unshaped islands

One of the world’s top commercial automotive photographers, Stephan Romer, has found a home amid Aotearoa’s scenic pleasures and now

On in the streets

For decades, John Miller has been documenting the most important instances of Aotearoa’s population taking to the streets to effect