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D-Photo 102 Out Now

15 November 2021

Bring our cover to life


It is fascinating to watch the incredible ways photography is evolving in the modern era, with new technological innovations sweeping in constantly to add fresh considerations to the art.

For the cover of this issue, we have teamed up with New Zealand Professional Photographer of the Year, Richard Wood, to give you a taste of how augmented reality is creating new ways for photographers to play. Viewed with the eye, it’s a masterful creative portrait that makes for a wonderful cover. Viewed through your smartphone, it springs to life with movement and sound.

How to view the augmented reality cover:

  • Download and install the free Artivive app by scanning the QR code or searching for it in your app store.

  • Open the app, point your phone camera at the cover, and watch it come alive on your screen.

You’ll learn photographers are already using augmented reality in a number of interesting ways when you read our interview with Richard on page 84. You’ll also get to see a handful of other brilliant augmented reality portraits he has created on those pages. Perhaps most exciting of all are the inventive possibilities Richard sees for this technology in the future.

Whether augmented reality has a long-term future in photography or is just a passing whimsy is yet to be seen, but we are certainly ready to enjoy the creative uses our talented photographers come up with for however long it’s around. As ever, if you’d like to see more augmented reality content in the magazine, be sure to let us know.

Adrian Hatwell, Editor