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D-Photo 104 Out Now

16 May 2022

How best to photograph winter sports, snowy landscapes, wildlife, and beyond!

Two of New Zealand’s leading sports photographers give us a masterclass of how best to shoot on snow, and how to anticipate and capture the top plays in any given sport.


  • Photojournalist Amos Chapple has worked in remote and often inhospitable regions to capture their people and stories. He gives us practical advice on how to turn your camera into a passport to the world.

  • Wellington’s iconic street photographer Peter Black looks back at a career spanning nearly 50 years and thousands of inspiring, found scenes of beauty and eerie poetry.

  • With a new film released by Vincent Munier and the publication of a book about Olaf Petersen, we explore the ideas, images, and techniques of these two nature and wildlife photography greats.

  • A practising architect talks about designing his buildings and shooting other people’s: how does one craft influence the other?

  • We unveil the winning images of the 2022 World Press Photo Contest, and reveal the stories — sometimes harrowing, sometimes joyful — that made them stand out.