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Your invite to the Hasselblad H6D launch

Rebecca Frogley takes you behind the scenes at the recent Hasselblad H6D launch in Auckland.

30 May 2016

Held at Minnie Street Studios in Eden Terrace on Saturday, May 28, and hosted by the team at CR Kennedy, The Hasselblad H6 launch brought together a select group of professional and pro-enthusiast photographers for an afternoon of grinning and gawking at our new pixel-pusher — the Hasselbad H6D.

With Erin from Unique Model Management posing for a live shoot, lit by a Profoto set-up consisting of an octabox and coloured gels, attendees had the first chance for a hands-on experience on the Hasselblad H6D system. These lucky few were some of the first fingerprints to lay mark on its high-definition rear LCD touchscreen. Responsive and intuitive, it boasts a resolution of 920k dots, bringing images to life with a pin-sharp live-view experience. The button layout is almost exactly the same as before, though the orange shutter release of the H6D makes it instantly recognizable.

For those too shy for a hands-on experience, the Hasselblad system was tethered to a laptop, and projected on-screen throughout the live shoot. Its image quality is astounding, with impossibly fine detail and texture, and a wide dynamic range. Of course, its 50- and 100-megapixel CMOS sensor options would offer no less, sized at 43.8×32.9mm, and 53.4x40mm respectively — the latter almost full frame for the 6×4.5 format. With a brilliant combination of sharpness and resolution, the newest Hasselblad system is ideal for making huge prints, or cropping and enlarging portions of a frame.

Throughout the afternoon, we were treated to an in-depth look at the wealth of features that the H6D system offers, including new top shutter speeds, HD and 4K video, and even greater creative options when used in conjunction with Hasselblad’s own Phocus imaging software.

Marking their 75th anniversary with what’s set to be their best gift to date, the Hasselblad H6D solidifies the Swedish name as the masters of medium format.

Check out Karl Taylor’s demonstration below for an even closer look at the H6D, or book a demonstration with the team at CR Kennedy via their website —