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White Lynx Photography lessons: capture emotions

15 January 2017

Specializing in light, White Lynx Photography is an Auckland-based professional photography studio with an array of lessons available for photographers keen to learn the basics, or fine-tune their existing skills. 

The lessons that White Lynx Photography offer include:

  • Light Workshop: master your light (basic)
  • Getting Started Speedlight Workshop (entry)
  • Speedlight Workshop: take control of your flash (basic)
  • Private Class: master your camera

The tutor, Ida Larsson, draws on her international experience to teach attendees about how lighting is a critical element in emphasising and capturing emotion. She will share knowledge about elements — such as direction, focus, and control — that will allow photographers to create images they can capitalize on. 

To find out more about specific workshops, what dates are available coming up, and how to book  a spot, head to or call or text 022 494 8569.