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Fresh crop of independently published photo-books

The professional photography community convened in Wellington in June for the annual New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) Ilford ExposurePro conference. Alongside the programme of talks and workshops runs the much-anticipated Nikon Iris Awards, which reveal 2019’s top professional photographers. D-Photo is proud to be NZIPP’s media partner and an Iris Awards sponsor, and is honoured to present this year’s winners.

11 September 2019

Photographer Yvonne Shaw’s intriguing photo-book, The Reality Principle, is reviewed alongside a selection of other recently published projects in D-Photo 92, on sale now.

For further insight into Yvonne’s work, we present the artist’s description of the project — be sure to pick up our latest issue to find out more.

Yvonne Shaw, from The Reality Principle

Yvonne Shaw, from The Reality Principle

“Like a short story or a poem, a photograph can be both embellished yet pared back. I am drawn to this brevity within photography, as much as to its ability to reveal a psychological narrative through its details.

“Interior landscapes, quotidian objects and portraits have been recurring motifs within my work. Often choosing people I know as my subjects adds an intensity to this process, as there can be both a comfort and awkwardness in asking them to act out a role in front of my camera.

“‘The Reality Principle’ is a series of photographs that situate the subject within a type of transitional space. For me, this series presents a tension between the constructed identity and their actual identity. It is this ambiguous territory between documentary and staged photography that intrigues me the most.”

For more on Yvonne’s photo-books, along with other projects from contemporary photographers, be sure to pick up D-Photo 92.



See it in D-Photo issue 92, on sale now.