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How to not mess up your friend’s wedding photos

You can check out Jessica’s top wedding photography tips by grabbing a copy of D-Photo 89, but to get your started, we’ve shared one of Jessica’s blog posts for an insider’s look into one of the fantastic weddings that she’s photographed.

The Art of Birding

Judi Lapsley Miller is a photo artist and a wildlife conservation volunteer who uses her skills to create advocacy images. Aside from encouraging others to take action through her images, recently, she has also been encouraging others to create their own advocacy images.

How to master Instagram with Lauren Bath

As Australia’s first professional Instagrammer, Lauren Bath knows a thing or two about capturing striking images. We catch up with Lauren in D-Photo issue 89 and she shares her top tips for creating photos worthy of Insta-fame.

The Story Behind the Shot: Whakatāne Morning View Towards Moutohorā

“There’s a road that winds down past the local lookout over town, and as you come around the corner, Moutohorā (Whale Island) is perfectly framed above the river and the town. You get this feeling like, ‘Ah, I’ve made it’ as you descend down the remainder of the hill into the township.”

Sweat-slicked mosh pits: how to capture live music

Great music lives well beyond the artist’s own years, but music photography helps preserve the memory, and honour the legacy of music’s greatest stars. Kiwi ’grapher Alexander Hallag has shot many local artists and more than a few international acts, and shares his top tips for photographing live music

Digital artist Gee Greenslade

Check out this video for an insight into Gee Greenslade’s process, which crams six hours of Photoshop into a three-minute clip.

Time-lapse treasures: Sam Deuchrass

If you’ve read issue 84 of D-Photo, you will have seen Sam Deuchrass’ How To on creating 4K time-lapse landscapes. We feature many of Sam’s beautiful stills, but you’re probably itching to see one of his stunning time-lapses. Well, here’s one below!

The low-down on LEDs

The low-down on LEDs — the affordable constant light source that’s an essential addition to any photographer’s kit

Simple, one-light set-ups

Fashion photographer Brett Stanley demonstrates how to create bold, dramatic portraits — with only one light