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Deadline for Freedom to Love photography competition approaching

17 November 2014


Paulo Patrizi — previous Accademia Apulia competition winner

Freedom to Love is the 2014 worldwide photography competition organized by Accademia Apulia with the help of The Royal Photographic Society, and entries close December 7, 2014. The competitions sets out to convey a window of hope for people who are negatively affected by discrimination and to raise awareness about the violence and the misery caused by hate crime.

Angelo Iudice, chairman of Accademia Aoulia, says, “In our world today, east and west, in small towns and in big cities, in developing countries and powerful economies, there are countless examples of discrimination-fueled violence, and even death. It is for this reason that we decided to open our awards worldwide.”


Paulo Patrizi

The Royal Photographic Society has previously worked with Accademia Apulia UK before over the years. Michael Pritchard, director general of The Royal Photographic Society, says supporting photographers and photography in general is a major aim.

“The society’s involvement is about promoting photography and providing an exciting opportunity for photographers, and ultimately showing the wider public some great photography when they view the resulting exhibition,”

“The theme of the competition can be interpreted in a myriad of different ways; social, political, economic, geographical, culturally, etc. Good photography can tell a story or raise awareness of situations or challenge the viewer, and I am sure, and hope, that some of the photographers will take the opportunity to submit images documenting situations that they have encountered and use them to highlight circumstances that need challenging.” Pritchard says.


Erhan Ucar — previous Accademia Apulia winner

The judging panel consists of Anne Williams — director for photography at the London College of Communications, Bradley Secker — photoreporter, Michael Protchard — director general of The Royal Photographic Society, Roberta Cremoncini — director of the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art, Roger Tooth — head of photography at The Guardian, and Sue Steward — photographic critic at The Evening Standard.  They will be looking for images that capture the notion that love is universal and it crosses all social boundaries, including race, gender, or religion.


Erhan Ucar

“We look forward to receiving images from every corner of the planet. We anticipate that we will receive images with a wide ranging interpretation of what ‘freedom to love’ means — hopefully all images will testify that love is indeed universal,” says Iudice.

The competition is open to all photographers and is free to enter. Entries must be received by December 7, 2014 and can be sent to [email protected]. Terms and conditions can be found here.