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Experience India through the lens

D-Photo talked to Brendon O’Hagan about his upcoming journey to India, and asked him to share a bit of advice for the trip

13 July 2015


Brendan O’Hagan

Packing your gear and jumping on a plane to India to immerse yourself in the culture, the landscape, and the people could be considered one of those once-in-a-lifetime photographic opportunities for many. To prevent falling into the trap of capturing typical scrapbook-style photographs of all the usual landmarks you’d expect to see, World Expeditions and photographic partner Canon are providing photographers the opportunity to explore India ‘off the beaten track’.

For 10 days, from October 22–31, 2015, one of New Zealand’s most experienced print photographers (with more than 20 years’ experience), Brendon O’Hagan, will guide you around India as you visit such places as New Delhi, Varanasi, Sarnath, Khajuraho, Orchha, Jhansi, and Agra. Any questions you may find yourself pondering during the journey you can run past O’Hagan who will be able to offer photographic advice to ensure you don’t miss the shot you’ll want to keep as a lifelong memory.

Brendan O’Hagan

During the trip you’ll experience such sights and places as Sir Edwin Lutyens’ New Delhi, Himayun’s tomb, the Lodhi Gardens in Delhi, Varanasi city life, and you’ll head out on an early morning boat ride along the Ganges.

D-Photo talked to Brendon O’Hagan about the upcoming journey and asked him to share a bit of advice for the trip.

D-Photo: You’re travelling with World Expeditions to India and will be a guide for photographers taking the trip. What places are you most excited for the group to travel to and why?

Brendon O’Hagan: Well, it’s India, so it’s really a photographer’s dream. I have found it’s a place that there are things that just crop up — last time in India, for me, it was at The Taj Mahal, but not of the building (that was great to see), but of a game of cricket across the river with some local kids, so we ended up playing cricket (an Indian passion) with the Taj Mahal in the background. These are the sorts of things you just can’t plan, and a flexible tour like this one helps to experience more.

Brendan O’Hagan

What sorts of tips, trick, techniques, and guidance will you be sharing with the group?

Travel light would be my biggest tip and get involved and experience things — the more you know a local the more you learn.

You’ve got more than 20 years’ experience with photography — what inspired you to first pick up a camera and what about the field has made you continue with the art?

I started out as a newspaper photographer and really couldn’t think of anything I would rather do — it’s a special job, you are given an insight into so many different things from a small part of people’s lives and you are able to create images of it. As a photographer you see things you would never experience otherwise. I can go from a super yacht one day, to a farm the next, to a ballet studio — it’s so diverse in what you get to see and learn.

Brendan O’Hagan

What/who are you inspired by, and do you have a favourite genre or style that you enjoy shooting?

I think my style is of a photojournalist — I loved seeing the pages of National Geographic. As I have evolved as a photographer I have moved into different ranges from commercial, to heavy industry, and now into video. But I still come back to the power of a still image and the photojournalist training I have had.

The India through the lens trip costs $3990 per person twin share, excluding flights. For further details and to find out how to book, email [email protected].