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Kiwi artist wins Higashikawa Overseas Photographer Award

5 May 2015


Anne Noble — Ruby’s Room #18, 1999–2004

New Zealand photographer Anne Noble has been recognized as the winner of the 31st Higashikawa Overseas Photographer Award, which is part of Japan’s Higashikawa International Photo Festival.

The award focuses on recognizing photographic achievement, and the Auckland Festival of Photography nominated 13 New Zealand photographers to be considered for the award. Noble caught the attention of a significant number of the jury members of the judging panel with her selection of images that included works involving the theme of Antarctica, a series of photographs of her daughter’s mouth, as well as other work dealing with sexuality, representation, and our relationship with nature.

As part of this year’s Auckland Festival of Photography, Anne Noble’s exhibition No Vertical Song will be showing at Two Rooms Gallery from May 29–July 4. As you can see from the sneak peek below, the exhibition features dead bee portraits that have been taken using a scanning electron microscope — an image-making process that uses an electron beam that is excited by the element gold. Created in such a way that it exudes a feeling that the images are in some sort of museum illustrating that bees no longer exist, the imagery  explores the importance of our relationship to the natural world.


Anne Noble — No Vertical Song


Anne Noble — No Vertical Song