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Meet the Image Nation speakers, part two

27 May 2014

With the annual weekend of non-stop photographic stimulation growing ever nearer, D-Photo would like to introduce you to the rest of the line-up at this year’s Image Nation conference (part one lives here, if you missed it).
For those not in the know, Image Nation is a two-day conference of back-to-back presentations by some of the biggest names in commercial photography, both local and international. This year it is taking place on Friday, June 13 and Saturday June 14 at central Auckland’s Q Theatre. The organiser, the Advertising and Illustrative Photographers Association, has done a wonderful job in keeping the price of admission down to make the event accessible: check out the tickets here.


Richard Robinson

RichardRobinson_EdHillary RichardRobinson_Humpback-Whale RichardRobinson_Richie RichardRobinson_Trubridge

Earlier this month named the 2014 Senior Press Photographer of the Year at the Canon Media Awards, Richard Robinson is one of New Zealand’s foremost photojournalists. For 14 years he has worked as a press photographer for the country’s biggest newspapers, capturing the nation’s character in his own unique style.

Robinson is also one of those rare press photographers who manages to find time to pursue his own personal projects, and through his passion for the oceans has also become one of New Zealand’s leading underwater photographers.


Joseph Michael

Joseph-Michael_Kā-Mauka-Whakatipu-670x446 Joseph-Michael_Kapowairua-Spirits-670x447 Joseph-Michael_Ki-Piopiotahi-670x447 Joseph-Michael_Ki-Piopiotahi-Moonlight-670x447

Multi-media artist Joseph Michael’s latest project, Dark Cloud / White Light, has become a phenomenon in its own right. The show comprises to breathtaking 24-hour time-lapse films of stunning New Zealand landscapes produced on some of the most advanced gear available – including Michael’s own purpose-built 3D rig.

You can learn more about the project in the interview Joseph did with D-Photo‘s Point-Shoot blog earlier this year.

He has also worked on film, television, documentary and fine art projects in various production roles, including revolutionary motion control techniques on The Hobbit. Below you can see Joseph give a talk on the Dark Cloud / White Light project at TEDxAuckland last year.



Dean Zillwood

DZ_Footnote4 DZ_TheCat DZ_MVP_RunnerUP DZ_Flax

Wellington-based commercial photographer Dean Zillwood’s ability to convey strong, clear messages through his imagery has led to a career working between New Zealand, Australia and Asia. His creative conceptual advertising imagery has landed him such prestigious clients as Lego, Olympus, Bose, BNZ, Telecom, All Blacks Rugby and Air New Zealand, to name just a few.

His creative originality has also attracted the attention of the judges from competitions like New Zealand’s Best Design Awards and the Cannes International Advertising Awards, as well as being published in industry magazines like the USA’s Graphics Design and Communication Arts, and Australia’s Plus 61.

Zillwood has also done lecturing stints at Massey University’s Design School and Whitireia Polytechnic, so you know his talk at Image Nation is going to high calibre.


Geoff Blackwell


The CEO of acclaimed New Zealand-based photo book publisher PQ Blackwell, Geoff Blackwell has an intimate knowledge of the publishing world, both local and international. He has published high quality photo books by some of the biggest names in photography, including Andrew Zuckerman, Platon, and Rachel McKenna.

In addition to his impressive stable of traditionally published illustrative books, Blackwell has also steered his company to adapt to the new challenges of digital life with the launch of the self-publishing MILK Books platform.

Most recently the company has launched a new professional membership programme for its premium Milk & Cream albums for professional photographers – you can learn more about that here, or here it straight from Blackwell below.

Now you’re all up to speed, go get your tickets here.