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Photographer chases crowd-funding record

4 June 2014

Peace in 10000 handsA Queenstown photographer is tilting a record-setting goal through one of New Zealand’s crowd-funding websites to continue a global photographic project.
For the last few years Stu Robertson has been roaming the globe for the beginnings of his Peace in 10,000 Hands project, and he hopes to enter the next stage with an ambitious $55,000 funding target through the New Zealand Arts Foundation crowd-funding platform Boosted.

For the project Robertson plans to create images of 10,000 people holding a single white rose in their hands as a way to “reinvigorating the conversation for peace” – there would be at least one image from every country in the world, featuring people from all walks of life.

“As an artist I am exploring our similarities through art and drawing on the phenomenal power of modern social networks and instant borderless communication that dissolves prejudice and makes mankind more connected than at any other time in history,” Robertson explains

The Boosted has just over a week left to go and has raised around 60 per-cent of its goal – if you’d like to help fund the project you can do so here.

Robertson will put the funds towards continuing the project through South Africa and  Asia. He estimates with ever $100 raised he can photograph another person. Check out the project’s video introduction below.