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Shoot the Northern Lights with an astrophotography master

19 November 2014

A trip to the Arctic and Norway sounds like a pretty great trip in itself, but combine it with seeing the Aurora Borealis performing incredible light shows, and learning how to capture it on camera, and you’re heading into the realms of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Mark Gee, a Wellington-based photographer and one of the country’s leading astrophotographers, leads the Northern Lights photography masterclass, The Art of Night, from December 12–18, 2014.

Participants will learn from the world-class digital visual effects artist, who will condct daily hands-on workshops, as well as experiencing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities like dog-sledding expeditions, nightly Northern Lights hunts, close encounters with wolves, and reindeer-sledding in the Arctic landscape.

Plenty of Mark’s night photography secrets will be shared with attendees while capturing the light shows, which will not again be as vibrant as during this expedition until 2024.

There are only six spaces left so if this trip sounds like a pre-Christmas trip for you, book now.