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The cancellation of Auckland Photo Day 2015

17 March 2015

Dave_Barker_DBarkerTime for a fagTime for a Fag. Dave Barker — first prize

It was first initiated back in 2004, and has been running ever since, but this year Auckland Festival of Photography’s Auckland Photo Day is not going ahead.

Nikon has been the naming rights sponsor since 2011, but due to a new business plan currently being worked on by Lacklands, Nikon’s newly appointed agents, the competition has lost its sponsor.  

Katie_Quinney_rugby people 2Rugby People. Katie Quinney — second prize

The Auckland Photo Day is known as the public competition that is held over 24 hours only where photographers are asked to capture an image which reflects Auckland in their mind.

It’s previously been about allowing everyone to capture and communicate their perspectives of the Auckland region and celebrate many of the different cultures and identity present.

Chris_van_Ryn_Auckland Photo Day 1Lazyboy Time. Chris van Ryn — third prize

Lacklands said, “While Nikon will not be a key sponsor this year, we wish the festival all the best for 2015 and look forward to future festivals. Nikon has enjoyed a strong association with the Auckland Festival of Photography, which showcases photography to a wider audience and inspires Aucklander’s to document and commentate visually on their city … It is an outstanding event.”

The organizers of the Auckland Festival of Photography are optimistic that the competition will make a return in 2016.