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Top travel shooters named

9 September 2014

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An annual competition aimed at finding the best travel photographers across the globe has named its champions for another year.

The international Travel Photography Awards, established by veteran New Zealand travel photographer and D-Photo contributor, Chris McLennan, has revealed the winning travel photographers in both amateur and professional categories for 2014.

Now in its second year, the competition gives travel photographers of all levels the chance to compete for a range of exciting prizes, valued at over $24,000, including a seven-night photo trip to French Polynesia with McLennan, a Nikon Df DSLR, and gear from Lowepro, Lexar, HP and AquaTech.

D-Photo is proud to present a gallery of this year’s winning portfolios, along with the champions of the individual People’s Choice and Chris McLennan Rookie awards.

Professional category

First place: Lluís Salvadó (Spain), Faces of Holi

Lluis Salvado_1st Place Professional_1

Lluis Salvado_1st Place Professional_2

Lluis Salvado_1st Place Professional_3

Lluis Salvado_1st Place Professional_4

Lluis Salvado_1st Place Professional_5

Second place: Malcolm Fackender (Australia), Novices of Myanmar

Malcolm Fackender_2nd Place Professional_1

Malcolm Fackender_2nd Place Professional_2

Malcolm Fackender_2nd Place Professional_3

Malcolm Fackender_2nd Place Professional_4

Malcolm Fackender_2nd Place Professional_5

Third place: Jason Law (New Zealand), A Journey Through Middle Earth

Jason Law_3rd Place Professional_1

Jason Law_3rd Place Professional_2

Jason Law_3rd Place Professional_3

Jason Law_3rd Place Professional_4

Jason Law_3rd Place Professional_5

Amateur category

First place: Sesh Sareday (US),  My Luminous Diary – Myanmar

Sesh Sareday_1st Place Amateur_1

Sesh Sareday_1st Place Amateur_2

Sesh Sareday_1st Place Amateur_3

Sesh Sareday_1st Place Amateur_4

Sesh Sareday_1st Place Amateur_5

Second place: Clint Burkinshaw (Australia), Citizens of Earth

Clint Burkinshaw_2nd Place Amateur_1

Clint Burkinshaw_2nd Place Amateur_2


Clint Burkinshaw_2nd Place Amateur_3


Clint Burkinshaw_2nd Place Amateur_4

Clint Burkinshaw_2nd Place Amateur_5

Third place: John Moulds (Australia), The Children…

John Moulds_3rd Place Amateur_1

John Moulds_3rd Place Amateur_2

John Moulds_3rd Place Amateur_3

John Moulds_3rd Place Amateur_4

John Moulds_3rd Place Amateur_5


HP People’s Choice Award

Adam Duffy (Australia),  Magical Moorea Tahiti

Adam Duffy_Peoples Choice Award_1

Adam Duffy_Peoples Choice Award_2

Adam Duffy_Peoples Choice Award_3

Adam Duffy_Peoples Choice Award_4

Adam Duffy_Peoples Choice Award_5


Chris McLennan Rookie Award

Alexandre Suplicy (Brazil), Unique Namibia

Alexandre Suplicy_Rookie Award_1

Alexandre Suplicy_Rookie Award_2

Alexandre Suplicy_Rookie Award_3
Alexandre Suplicy_Rookie Award_4

Alexandre Suplicy_Rookie Award_5


Congratulations to this year’s winners; if you’re interested in entering the 2015 round of the Travel Photography Awards be sure to visit the website and sign up for an email alert when submissions open – or stay tuned to D-Photo, as we’ll let you know when the call is out.