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Unleash your creativity at MTG RM

6 November 2014

MTGHiring out a film or photography studio can seem daunting if you’ve never done it before, but one Auckland facility is looking to make the process as accessible as possible with affordable studios that are suitable for many different types of projects.
MTG RM is located in Kingsland and promotes the philosophy of a creative space, providing photographers and film-makers, be they experienced or just starting out, with an opportunity to explore and enhance their skills in an environment that allows creativity to bloom.

There are two studios to choose from — studio AZ or studio 70. The former offers a dark room enviroment while the later features manageable natural light, allowed into the room thanks to elevated north-facing windows.

Audio equipment is also available to enhance your project; a fully equipped audio suite is available on-site as is an experienced audio technician to help with the ins and outs for those not familiar with audio recording.

The MTG RM studios are run by Deafradio, a deaf-run organization that provides opportunities for New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) accessibility. They also make use of the creative spaces to create high-quality resources that will ensure NZSL is preserved for the deaf community.

If you’ve never extended yourself to working in a studio environment before or are still learning the ropes, a versatile set-up like MTG RM can be a great way to push your creative boundaries on a project.