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D-Photo 105

The vibrancy of spring offers a myriad of possibilities for photographers. In this issue we explore techniques, talk to some of the best (in architectural, landscape, fungi, cycling, nature, and travel photography), receive insightful tips and publish astounding images to make your coming season full of ideas, wisdom and practical advice.


  • Photographer Derek Henderson’s unique style has made him a go-to shooter for some of the world’s top media in fashion, art and beyond. In this issue he creates a visual essay for D-Photo of the images that have been significant for his career.
  • Kate Grewal has been taking vibrant, colourful and almost edible photography of food and interiors across the United States and New Zealand. We catch up with the creative to get a taste of her secret photographic sauce.
  • British expat and Nelson resident Graham Watson was at the epicentre of Europe’s golden era in road cycling. We discuss his craft and the many anecdotes that surround his now iconic images of the sport’s top.
  • With an upcoming book by Alice Connew about an all-female motorcycle riding festival in Berlin and a travelogue by product designer David Trubridge, we preview some of the techniques, and exciting imagery that populate their pages.
  • We talk to some of the country’s best photographers in the architecture, music, landscape genres; reveal secrets for improving your underwater photography game, plus much, much more!


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