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D-Photo 106

‘Tis the season to look back at the best of the year that has been and explore some of the top projects, innovations and events brewing for the year ahead.
D-Photo’s Best of 2022 issue is packed with the year’s top photographers, some of the most coveted gear, workshops, events and more.


  • Iris Award winners
  • Photographer Jane Ussher is best known for her portraits, we explore her latest book where she uses her compositional skills and knack for capturing personality in a new genre of photography
  • Alistair Guthrie has made a living from photographing everything from celebrity portraits to underwater commercial projects. We talk to him to find out how he forged such a varied career
  • We reveal some of the best, world astrophotography of 2022 including a fascinating image from Dunedin
  • Photography on a mission: We look at a few projects with a social conscience including: kids citizen science, documenting a new homeless shelter and a visceral reaction to one of New Zealand’s most visible #MeToo moment




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