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Issue 93 on sale now

Pick up D-Photo 93 for your massive end-of-year dose of photographic inspiration and education!

Take a closer look at the natural world and discover photography’s power to heal with Denise Batchelor. See the latest works from top photographers around the world at this year’s Ballarat International Foto Biennale. Experience Aotearoa through the eyes of young, deaf, Muslim photographer Saynab Muse.

Issue 92 on sale now

In D-Photo issue 92, we talk with Australian photojournalist Chris McGrath, who routinely ventures into some of the most dangerous spots on the globe to keep the world informed of important world events. This issue’s cover artist is Carly Anderson, an up and coming photographer whose latest project, Whakahīhī, has helped her reconnect with her cultural roots.   

Witness the independent publishing scene thriving as we review three photo-books from three exciting contemporary photographers. Our Gear Showdown pits the leading models of the new ‘affordable medium format’ category against one another, and our resident gear-head, Richard Wong, goes in depth with the X-Rite Color Checker Passport Photo 2, a handy tool for calibrating colours perfectly.

Also in this issue are top images from our readers, insight from photo industry leaders, a buyer’s guide for picking the correct travel gear, and a look at the secret recipe for photos that get attention in our image-saturated digital age.

Issue 91 on sale now

Our 15th anniversary collector’s edition! We announce the winners of Sigma D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year 2019, with all 250 shortlisted images — did you make it? We take the time to step back and reflect on notable events in D-Photo’s history in our retrospective, and back in the present day, the latest-and-greatest cameras from Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, and Canon face off in our full-frame mirrorless showdown.

Issue 90

In D-Photo issue 90, we delve underwater with award-winning photographer Craig Parry, as well as into the realm of the subconscious with this year’s Auckland Festival of Photography Annual Commission recipient, Yvonne Shaw. Michelle Hyslop documents the people trying to preserve Aotearoa’s giants and looks at the impact of kauri dieback on local communities, and Todd Henry reflects on his visual-anthropologist approach to documenting people in light of his big win earlier this year.

Issue 89

Issue 89’s stunning cover is by Whakatane-based photographer James Stanbridge, who explores spirituality in nature in his latest exhibition, Nature is my Church. We also feature prominent creative photographer Mandi Lynn, who is helping women and girls find self-confidence through body-positive imagery. We talk to Cathy Cater about her new series Weird Fishes, which explores humanity’s deep ties to the ocean, and Steve Scalone about his street-photography event Project Street 7.30, which sees photographers shoot, select, edit, print, and exhibit a single image in just seven hours. Plus, how to not botch your first wedding shoot, how to make it big on Instagram, and how to create powerful advocacy images.

Issue 88

We talk to Wildlife Photographer of the Year for 2018 Marcel van Oosten about how he captured his award-winning shot and how he turned his hobby into his career. Auckland-based Guy Needham talks about his journey to photograph the world’s vanishing cultures. The latest leg takes him to Tanzania to document a people whose way of life reaches back to the Stone Age. Back at home, Megan Bowers-Vette’s latest project, Us, looks at survivors of sexual abuse. She explains how she uses photography as a tool not only for storytelling, but also for healing. Palmerston North–based photographer Rachael Smith brings together a collection of images from her globetrotting to demonstrate how a fresh perspective can stoke the magic in everyday life. 

Issue 87

John Miller has often been there when Kiwis have taken to the streets to effect change; in this issue, he takes us back to the ’70s to tell us the stories behind his images. Veteran nature photographer Rod Morris brings us face to face with some of the more interesting life forms residing in our seashores, renowned automotive photographer Stephan Romer changes tack and shifts his gaze to Aotearoa’s breathtaking landscapes, and we meet some promising young female talent who have taken part in a project to mark 125 years of women’s suffrage in New Zealand. The How To features in this issue include landscape photographer Chris Morton, who tells us how to approach finding a concept for a body of work with reference to his Great Barrier–based book; Esther Bunning shows us how to create lens effects on the cheap; and insect fanatic Alan Henderson explores the world on a scale we don’t normally see — and tells us how he does it. This issue comes with a bonus 2019 calendar.

Issue 86

This issue’s cover photographer is Nando Azevedo who photographs former refugees to help them overcome challenges and rebuild their pride. We learn from NZIPP Photographer of the Year Tony Carter what motivates him to propel his craft forward, Esther Bunning tells us how switching her focus to horses has helped to reinvigorate her photography, and artist Fiona Pardington interrogates the space between the living and the dead in her occult-informed new series. In our How To features, three noted photo-book authors explain how they sequence their photographs, Ian Rotherham talks us through how simple set-up changes can hugely influence the feeling of a portrait, and digital artist Gee Greenslade gives us some tips for bringing photos to life in Photoshop.