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Learn to love Lightroom

  Adobe’s Lightroom is a deceptively complex tool and getting to grips can be a frustrating exercise in information bombardment,

The adrenalin photographer

Jesper Storgaard Jensen speaks to renowned Italian stuntman photographer Massimo Sestini who specializes in spectacular, often risky, aerial photographs “I’m

Packing it in

Expat commercial photographer Brett Stanley continues his journeys in the US, this time looking at the dreaded art of packing

Spirit of the street

Adrian Hatwell talks to rising star Camus Wyatt about creating candid, meaningful street photography An apostle of Cartier-Bresson’s ‘decisive moment’,

Podium position

Adrian Hatwell talks to Mark Taylor, dubbed one of New Zealand’s top sports photographers It’s not a new story; those

Passion and Place: Daniel Max

Daniel Max, the commercial photographer known as Maxy, shares his experience in starting a beautiful personal project, Our Land, and

Upskill at the Auckland Zoo

If you fancy the opportunity to shoot some photos of exotic animals you wouldn’t usually capture in your everyday life

He shot rock and roll

Prolific British photographer David Corio talks to Adrian Hatwell about shooting some of pop music’s biggest stars The Specials at

Society’s heights

Marlborough will play host to the Photographic Society of New Zealand when it holds its 62nd National Convention in April.

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