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The Photographer’s Mail

Cruising into photography

Paul Gummer talks to commercial photographer Dan Molloy about the fallacy of photography being easy work There’s a perception outside our

Young blood

  Oliver Rose   Kelly Lynch talks with three young photographers who made waves last year within the challenging fashion

Mob mentality

    Adrian Hatwell explores the local options for crowdfunding photographic projects, and the clever creatives putting them to work In

Top of the Lake

Auckland-based photographer Parisa Taghizadeh tells The Photographer’s Mail about shooting stills on the set of Jane Campion’s recent television miniseries, Top of

Super colliding

Illustrator: Gina Kiel, model: Bay Berger at Nova Fashion photographer Garth Badger takes on a global collaboration in his latest

The troubleshooter

Peter Bush catches up with Dean Pemberton, the man who’s one-part local sports photojournalist and one-part globetrotting IT wizard We had enjoyed a late-afternoon coffee at Clark’s cafe in the Wellington Library building when Dean Pemberton checked his

Packing it in

Expat commercial photographer Brett Stanley continues his journeys in the US, this time looking at the dreaded art of packing

Passion and Place: Daniel Max

Daniel Max, the commercial photographer known as Maxy, shares his experience in starting a beautiful personal project, Our Land, and

Pressures of the press

With the results of two important photojournalism awards soon to be announced — the Canon Media Awards, celebrating excellence in local